productslaundrywasher dryersFreestanding washer dryer: 8,0kg - BDE 861483X K UK N
BDE 861483X K UK N

Freestanding washer dryer: 8,0kg - BDE 861483X K UK N

For a super-efficient approach to the day, the Indesit BDE 861483X K UK N Washer Dryer targets your hardest-working garments with dedicated wash cycles, while the variable dry cycles help keep your day on track. Featuring our innovative Push&Go programme, it only takes one push to achieve brilliant daily cleaning in just 45 minutes - no need to pre-treat or scrub, just press the dedicated button for two seconds and the Indesit washer dryer will automatically start a 30°c cycle that’s perfect for cotton and synthetics. Always working to save you money, Water Balance will adapt the amount of water used according to each cycle’s need. Ensuring there’s minimal wastage, it helps save money on your bills. Including a special Sports Cycle for your hard-wearing kits, this program respects the natural properties of fabrics such as Gortex, so even after a thorough wash your shorts, t-shirts, socks and jackets are ready for the next challenge. Going beyond the wash cycle, with Sensor Drying monitors the moisture and temperature levels inside the dryer so clothes and garments only get the heat they need. Protecting fibres from over-heating, it’s just one small way we’re helping to keep your day on track. Combining bespoke cycles such as Golden Woolmark to protect your knits, and Express Wash and Dry for when you’re in a hurry - the Indesit BDE 861483X K UK N Washer Dryer offers a completely practical approach to washing. With 8kg of capacity, 1400 rpm variable spin, an easy-to-use Digital Display and a Delay Timer for laundry that fits into your timetable, the Indesit BDE 861483X K UK N Washer Dryer not only has a self-clean cycle, but features have a Super Silent Motor so you’ve got a little more peace for those family moments.

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F160776Freestanding washer dryer: 8,0kg - BDE 861483X K UK N
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