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Indesit LDPE 845 A1 ECO Tumble Dryer in White LDPE 845 A1 ECO (UK) F101663

This Indesit freestanding heat pump Tumble Dryer features a spacious 8kg capacity drum. Featuring Heat Pump Technology, cooler temperatures are used to dry your clothes so fibres experience less stress and friction. By using a clever repeat and recycle system, hot air is reheated and passed back through the drum over and over until your clothes are dry. This means lower energy waste as you save up to 50% in energy compared to standard dryers.

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Product details
Capacity (kg): 8
Energy Class: A+
Drying type: Heat Pump
Colour: White
Fast45 Cycle
Easy Mix Cycle
Cotton Fast Iron Cycle
Baby & Delicate Cycle
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10 year guarantee on all parts.<br /> Subject to registration.<br /> Terms and conditions apply.

10 year guarantee on all parts.
Subject to registration.
Terms and conditions apply.

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innovative technology
Fast45 Cycle
Fast45 Cycle

Putting your day back on track, the Fast45 Cycle dries your essential garments in just 45 minutes ready for the next adventure.

Easy Mix Cycle
Easy Mix Cycle

Providing effective drying action for up to 3kg of mixed fabrics, there’s no need to separate items, just pop them in and go!

Cotton Fast Iron Cycle
Cotton Fast Iron Cycle

Liberate your time from the ironing board with this handy cycle to significantly reduce creases on cotton items.

Baby & Delicate Cycle
Baby & Delicate Cycle

Providing all the care for Baby’s jump suits and daywear, this cycle gives you quick drying whilst protecting fibre softness.

Shoe Rack
Shoe Rack

Dry your trainers whilst protecting their shape and the inside of your machine with the dedicated Shoe Rack.


Specifically design to effective dry your duvets and padded items while protecting natural softness and bounce.

technical specifications
  • Energy efficiency class: A+
  • Weighted annual energy consumption: 306
  • Noise level (dBA): 69
  • Connection rating (W): 1150
  • Current (A): 13
  • Height (cm): 85.0
  • Width (cm): 59.5
  • Depth (cm): 61.0
  • Gross weight (kg): 47.4
Structural features
  • Installation type: Free-standing
  • Loading type: Front loader
  • Drying capacity (kg): 8
  • Drum volume (l): 112
  • Colour: White
  • Door colour: White
  • Weight (kg): 46
  • Length of electrical supply cord (cm): 150
  • End of cycle indicator: Visual
  • Full tank indicator
  • Reverse tumble action
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  • EAN code: 8050147016633
  • Start delay time max. (h): 24
  • Drying time selector
  • Baby & Delicates
  • Big Items/Duvet
  • Buzzer
  • Cotton Extra Dry
  • Cotton fast Iron
  • Crease Care
  • Crease Relax
  • Drying Time Option
  • Energy Saver
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  • Fast 45'
  • Gentle
  • Jeans
  • Mix programs
  • ON-OFF button
  • Refresh
  • Silk
  • Sport garments Intensive
  • Sport Kit
  • Sport shoes
  • Standard cotton programme
  • Start/Pause
  • Synthetics
  • Wool
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