Compact living.

Sometimes we need to find ways to save space in the smaller rooms of our homes.

Compact living.

We found the best way to save a bit of extra space in our small kitchen was to opt for an under-counter fridge.

With our smaller family, this under-counter fridge is a great option for us, we can still store a good amount of food while making the best use of our available space.

The choice between an integrated or free-standing appliance is completely down to your kitchen, or if you’re in the process of redecorating, your personal preference.

An integrated appliance is perfect for hiding away behind your cupboard doors, whilst free-standing allows you to slot it into any space (provided it has the correct dimensions!).

Whichever type of fridge you choose, you will find a great range of features with Indesit’s range.

Find our full range of under-counter fridges here.