Tight on space?

It’s all about choosing the right appliance.

Tight on space?

If you find it’s often a squeeze to fit your weekly shop into your fridge or freezer then we’ve got some tips that could help make life that little bit easier.

It all starts with the right appliance and some added extra features. At Indesit, they design appliances with a busy life in mind.

When it comes to cooling we knew the best option for our home was a combination fridge freezer. By choosing this option we can save on space in our kitchen while maximising on space inside our appliance with an excellent range of features. 

We went for the Indesit eXtra fridge freezer, with a Flexi Use box, sliding shelves and Multi task zone. Each of which have their own perks for helping us store and locate our weeks worth of ingredients. 

Not only do these features on the eXtra fridge freezer help us with managing our food storage, they have also meant by storing food correctly in the right compartments of the fridge our food lasts that little bit longer so we are wasting and spending less on food!

You can find out more about our eXtra range of fridge freezers here.