Running out of space? Pick the
right appliance

In a four-member family, space is a precious commodity.

Running out of space? Pick the right appliance

My daughter is a vegetarian. I’m on a constant (and only relatively effective) diet. My husband and son eat a lot. And I mean a lot.

What does this translate to? Complicated meals and schedules, for a start. But also, we very quickly used to run out of space in our fridge. Opening it was a safety hazard, with all the food piling up, or being forgotten in the depths of the appliance!

It was time to pick a new one. After lots of searching, we found the perfect option for us.

Indesit’s eXtra line offers amazing fridges that have all we need. It provides simple, effective solutions to a whole load of issues we kept running into.

Take food waste, for instance. It drives me mad! With our old fridge, food kept piling up in the recesses, and it would sit there beyond its expiry date. Now, thanks to the eXtra fridge’s smart sliding shelves, you can simply pull one out and clearly see what’s inside.

Food lasts longer, too—with the FlexiUse Box. This clever little box can be positioned in different temperature areas within the fridge. So, the 0° area is ideal for meat and delicate food, while the 5° one is better for veggies and fruit. They last longer and taste better!

As I said, there are many of us, each with a different diet. It gets very confusing. A solution I’ve come up with (I am Mum, after all, it’s what I do!), is to cook ahead and freeze things. Luckily, our new Indesit appliance allows me tailor the inside of the freezer to my needs: I can remove compartments and shift things around, giving me a lot of extra space to freeze large amounts of food. Brilliant!

The list on features goes on and on. The best part? I actually use them. They’re genuinely there to make my life easier.

Yup, Indesit is smart. Almost as smart as a mum : )

You can find out more about our eXtra line of fridge freezers here.