Thinking of Buying a New Dishwasher?

Thinking of Buying a New Dishwasher?
Use our handy buying guide!

With dishwashers, you can bid washing by hand goodbye.

But there are a few things to consider first before you buy. Follow these easy steps, to pick the right dishwasher for you.

Ready? Let’s get to it!

1. Pick your style.
Integrated of freestanding?

This really depends on how your current kitchen looks. If you already have cabinetry containing integrated, or built-in, appliances, you’ll likely go for this option.
Integrated appliances ensure your dishwasher blends in with the overall style of your kitchen.

If, on the other hand, cabinetry is not an issue, then freestanding is likely to be the best option for you. Indesit’s freestanding appliances feature beautiful design, so it’s great to show them off!

A note on colour:

Common colours for freestanding household appliances are white, black and stainless steel. These are versatile colours, so they can easily be combined with others, but you might want to add a bit of contrast to your room—by picking a white dishwasher, if your overall colour scheme is dark, for instance.

2. Pull out the tape measure!

Before purchasing your appliance, make sure you’ve sized up the space you have available. Pull out the tape measure, and calculate available width, height and depth.

Dishwashers generally come in three sizes: Full-sized, slimline and compact.

Also bare in mind that compact versions vary. Indesit, for instance, offers table-top dishwashers that, overall, take up less space than full-sized models, whether slimline or full-sized.

Oh, and remember: don’t limit your measuring to the kitchen alone! Take note of the width of all doors/passageways/entrances your new appliance will have to be carried through, when delivered. You wouldn’t want to receive your shiny new appliance, only to discover it can’t get through the front door!

3. Consider your washing habits

Is your family a large one? Do you often host dinner parties with friends? If so, chances are your dirty dishes pile up pretty fast. Or perhaps the opposite is true: you want a dishwasher, but the daily amount of soiled dishes in your household is relatively small.

One important factor to consider is the number of place settings your new dishwasher will need.

What is a place setting? Well, picture a formal dinner layout. Each guest will have: a dinner plate, dessert plate, dessert spoon, soup plate, soup spoon, a glass, tea cup, saucer, teaspoon, knife, fork. All these, combined, give us a single place setting. Multiply those by the overall number of available place settings your dishwasher offers, and that will give you an idea of exactly how many items you’ll be able to fit inside it.

4. Pick your perks

Dishwashers often come with a number of special features and functions.

A good piece of advice is to read about the features on offer, and consider whether you’ll actually be using them or not.

Here is a selection of features from Indesit washing machines.

Delay Timer

Perfect timing!

A delay timer allows you to load your dishwasher, and set the cycle to start when most suitable for you.

For instance, you could use the intuitive delay timer on your Indesit washing machine to program the appliance to start later in the day or night, during off-peak hours, to save on the energy bills.

Extra cycle

Indesit’s eXtra collection boasts loads of unique features designed to simplify your life.

Remove the top basket of your eXtra dishwasher to enjoy a spacious 53 cm interior, for example.

And the innovative hydraulic technology will remove even the most stubborn stains and food remains, so you can enjoy spotless dishes, always.

​Enjoy six months' worth of free Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets ​with selected Indesit dishwasher purchases between 16th May and 3rd July.

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