Life is served with just one push

Big laughs for breakfast on the last day of school, small talks for lunch before running back to work, jokes and chats for dinner after a long day.

With new innovative features and a new user-friendly interface, cooking and life become easier than ever.

Designed to be so easy that everyone can help.

Set the ideal power level with just one push
One button, three different functions that make life in the kitchen easier than ever, allowing to save time and manage different tasks at once.
  • Push&Boil
  • Push&Warm
  • Push&Moka
  • Once the pot is on the hob and the function is activated,

    it is easy to bring water to a boil and maintain the temperature, saving energy and preventing spills.

  • When dinner is ready, it doesn’t mean that everyone is ready for it. Thanks to the Push&Warm function, this is not a problem anymore: all it takes is the push of a button at the end of cooking to keep food at the ideal temperature without burning it.

  • With Push&Moka*, preparing a good cup of coffee it is easier than ever:

    at the touch of the button, the hob sets the ideal heat level for a tasty moka coffee.

    *Feature only available for specific products.

When cooking requires more space, there’s the new DualZone feature that easily connects two cooking zones into a larger one for bigger pots and pans.

A versatile and practical solution to manage the cooking area efficiently. So every moment at the table can always become bigger.


Starting cooking with the new Push&Go Induction Hob is an always easy and safe experience thanks to Easy&Reliable, a combination of 10 features designed to manage the hob effortlessly and with maximum security.

Child Lock

Block the panel to prevent undesired touches.

Anti-spillage system

Keep the hob always clean thanks to a system that automatically switches the power off if something spills on the touch control area.


Switch off the cooking zone once the set cooking time is completed

Power management

Limit the maximum power that the hob can absorb by choosing among 4 pre-set levels: 2.5 kW, 4.0 kW, 6.0 kW, 7.2 kW.

Residual heat indicator

Always know if the hob is still too hot to touch after cooking, thanks to the presence of an “H” on the display.

Overheating lock

Block the heat increase automatically when the temperature is too high.

General ON/OFF

Switch off the hob with one single touch.

Pan detection

Keep everything under control thanks to the display that flashes when there is no pan on the hob.

Auto-off system

Switch off the cooking zones automatically when the cooking time exceeds a limit defined for each power level.

No detection of small objects

Cook without worries: the hob detects the presence of small objects and blocks the power delivery.

Effortless installation
  • Zero gap - It lays down directly on any worktop thanks to its zero gap structure.

  • No front ventilation - It doesn’t require front ventilation, for no constraints in the kitchen design.

  • Fixing springs - It has only 4 fixing springs to ensure an effortless installation.

  • Same dimension gas cutout - It has the same cut-out of the gas hob to make the replacement process even easier.

  • Minimum worktop thickness with drawer 12mm - It requires the minimum worktop thickness: 12 mm without oven or 28 mm with oven.