Expert advice to take care of your Indesit washing machine

This section shows how to get the best out of your Indesit Washing Machine with some useful and simple to follow hints. Information about detergent use together with loading hints are also shown.
To get the best wash results from your machine simply follow the steps below.

Sorting the Laundry

Laundry should always be sorted into different types so that it can be washed in different ways. Always follow these rules when sorting:

Sort by coloureds/whites - different wash loads will help to protect your colours e.g. stopping dye from a red jumper turning your white socks into pink ones. It also allows you to use a specific colour detergent for coloured loads.

Sort by temperature - so that garments are not washed above the temperature allowed on the fabric care label. This will make cleaning as effective as possible, whilst also protecting the garments.

Sort by type of wash cycle - e.g. delicate woollen garments should be washed at a lower level of agitation compared to cotton garments.If you do have a mixed load, choose a wash according to the garments that require the lowest temperature and the gentlest agitation.

Loading the Machine

When loading the machine you should always leave a gap between the top of the drum and the laundry.  It should be at least 10cm or just less than a hand span.
Although it is tempting to put too many garments in the washing machine it can cause problems.
Overloading the machine prevents the garments tumbling properly leading to poorer wash results.
In addition your machine is not designed to take the additional load which lead to machine damage.

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