Expert advice to take care of your Indesit dishwasher

This section shows how to get the best out of your Indesit dishwasher with some useful and simple to follow hints. Information about loading and unloading is shown and other helpful advice.

Saving Energy and Water

Did you know that by using 50°C to 55C° programs or AUTOMATIC programs instead of high temperature programs when running your Indesit dishwasher you can save*:
…up to about 84 kWh on electricity in one year? That’s 80 extra cycles or 3 months worth of dishwashing for free!
…up to about 1,497 litres of water in one year? It represents the amount of water you could use for 43 showers or 19 baths.

*based on the maximum likely saving which can be achieved, identified from a sample of machines recently on the market and data on average European machine usage patterns

Why 50°C to 55C°?

High temperatures are not necessary for a clean wash. When the load is not unusually dirty you can choose lower temperature cycles,  50°C to 55C°, and have the same great results you would have if using a 65°C program, for example.

More tips for Saving Energy and Water

Load dishes according to the manufacturer’s instructions to allow for proper water circulation
Check and clean drains and filters regularly to ensure efficient operation
Try to operate the Indesit dishwasher with a full load and use the appropriate energy-saving cycle.
Take a few minutes to check in the machine user’s guide for the most efficient program according to the size or type of load in your Indesit dishwasher.

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