Expert advice to take care of your Indesit cooling

This section provides handy hints with regard to maximising storage space in your Indesit fridge, your Indesit freezer or combination fridge-freezer.
General advice about storing food safely in Indesit fridges and freezers is also listed.

Storage Space

Adjustable Shelves
Make the most of interior storage space by positioning your shelves at various heights to suit individual items. If your fridge is fitted with glass shelves, open the door fully, withdraw the shelf and replace it in the required position.
If your appliance is fitted with wire shelves you may tilt them to allow for the safe storage of bottles and jars on their sides.
To tilt a shelf, place the back of the shelf on a lower level hanger than the front.

Salad Bin
Use the salad bin to store vegetables, fruit and salad items.
Remove unusable leaves and soil from vegetables before putting into the salad bin. Leave lettuce, cabbage, parsley and cauliflower on the stem.

Commodity and Bottle Racks
Commodity racks can be positioned as required to maximise the storage capacity of the inner door.To remove the bottle rack lift vertically to release from the fixing supports.
To replace align the grooves on either side of the rack above the fixing supports and push down until secure.

Storing Food

General Advice
Follow packaging "best before/use by" guidelines for maximum storage timeKeep foods covered to retain moisture and prevent flavour/odour transfer. Plastic bags, aluminium foil and plastic stretch wrap are ideal.
Select chilled and frozen food last when shopping, transport in a 'cool bag' and place in the appliance as soon as possible after arriving home.
Avoid opening the doors unnecessarily or for longer than neededAllow hot or warm food to cool down in covered containers before placing in an appliance, as placing hot food in the appliance reduces efficiency.

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