Arsenal Official Partner

and strength still together.

Three years on from its debut as Official Partner, Indesit confirms its support for football by renewing the partnership with the Arsenal F.C.

Competitiveness and strength are the key values shared by the Indesit brand and Arsenal Football Club and football is the best terrain for expressing a vocation for dynamism and innovation.

Arsenal FC boasts a long history of success, made of highly competitive champions determined to pursue excellence, exactly like Indesit whose brand values are credibility and reliability.

Indesit is also partner of the Junior Gunners, the official Arsenal young supporters' group, confirming its engagement to support the entire Arsenal team.

so you just take care of your little champion.

Indesit's mission is to create reliable and practical products and solutions that simplify everyday life. We know that the biggest supporters of future champions are mums and dads, for them Indesit creates brand products which immediately communicate their identity by delivering usability and savings. Because there's no real progress if innovation doesn't translate into simplification. As Arsenal expresses their commitment on the field, Indesit puts all their efforts towards understanding and anticipating real domestic needs, designing products that have been and continue to be a fundamental part of people's lives.