Energy Saving Tips

As the cold nights draw in and the heating goes on, the energy bills usually start going up. So to mark Energy Saving Week, we're helping to raise awareness of how to keep your bills down and more money in your pocket.

With so much advice on offer, it can be hard to know where to start so we've picked out Five Top Tips that you can do right now and to help save energy.

Do them all, or just a couple - either way, you'll be on the right track to a more cost-effective autumn / winter.

Check the energy label before buying a new appliance

Buying a new appliance can be a big financial commitment, but saving on the ticket price doesn't necessarily mean it'll be a financial friend over the course of its lifetime.

Take time to check the energy - and where relevant, water - consumption.

The average lifespan of a home appliance in the UK is 8-10 years so saving a few pounds now on a less efficient machine could cost you more in the long term.

Use the right hob for the pan, and the right pan for the meal

Matching the right pan to the amount of food you're cooking, and the right ring on the hob can save a lot of money on your gas or electric bill over the year.

A big pan for a single portion means heating a lot of equipment you're not using.

Plus, if you can see a halo of red glow from your hob plate, or licks of blue flame around the base of your saucepan, that's heat escaping which should be aimed at cooking your food.

Similarly, putting too large a pan on too small a ring can mean cooking it for longer which is also inefficient. Take some time to match your pans with the right rings - it'll pay dividends over the year.

Go low when washing your clothes and linens

Shocking laundry fact... washing at 30°c costs a third less than running the same cycle at 40°c*, as a large part of the cost of each cycle goes into heating the water.

Plus, with clever technology a temperature drop doesn't mean you have to compromise on cleaning quality or stain removal.

Plug the gaps under your doors

Keep getting a chill in your feet? Well aside from investing in a lovely pair of slippers, making (or buying) draft excluders for you internal doors can also help keep the heating off for a little longer into the evening.

If you are feeling inspired to give crafting your own a go, check out Pinterest or Good Housekeeping for some inspirational ideas.

Add an aerator to your taps

Costing, on average, less than a fiver, making sure all your taps has an aerator can make big savings to your water consumption and therefore your water bill.