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Freezer Indesit OS 1A 300 H

OS 1A 300 H reviews

Freezer Indesit OS 1A 300 H
The A+ OS 1A 300 H freezer ensures minimum energy consumption and maximum food preservation all day long.

Super Freeze Super Freeze
This button can be used to activate a special function that lowers the temperature to its lowest value for a short period of time. This is used to accelerate the freezing process of fresh foods and thus preserve their original qualities. As soon as they reach their frozen state, the temperature can be returned to normal by pressing the button again. If, however, you should forget, the freezer will automatically revert to the ideal temperature after a short time.

Technical sheet


Energy efficiency class : A+
Energy consumption (kWh/24hrs) : 278
Total net capacity (lt) : 311
Freezer star rating : 4
Climate class : SN-T
Freezing capacity (lt) : 20

Freezer Features

Cooling system : Static
Drain System

Structural features

Model : 9
Colour : White
H (mm) : 916
W (mm) : 1180
D (mm) : 698

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